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Web-designing is an art which consists of creating, presenting and then arranging the text in such an inventive way that it allows the client to give maximum spotlight.


50 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
1 GB data transfer/mo
Front Page
Shopping cart


100 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
3 GB data transfer/mo
Front Page
Shopping cart


200 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
5 GB data transfer/mo
FTP/Front Page Access
Shopping cart

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Business Hosting Plus

Ready made business hosting plus make it very easy for you to start your own instant online business at an affordable price.  With over 40 websites to choose from you will have no problem in selecting a turnkey solution that is right for you Also you get to keep 100% of the profits . We do not charge you annual rates nor do we keep any of your files.

  • 40 money making businesses.
  • 550+ websites to choose from.
  • Many with optional flash Intro's.
  • PHP installed versions for beginners.
  • HTML versions for advanced users.
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • 24/7 access to our knowledge base
  • Internet Marketing Resources
  • You keep all profits.

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10,000 - 1000,000 visitor and mores to your site
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We have contracts with a mass of quality traffic generating websites. just choose your targeted geographic location i.e.. US, UK and your targeted market i.e.. entertainment, diet, finance, gambling and so on.

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Web Design

For Few years, web design India Delhi has evolved and progressed much more than what everyone would have expected. Actually the trend it has followed has left all the experts of the industry thinking what actually the stop is where this sector's ovulation will stop. As per today's web design industry in India ...



Web Development

When this new technology call web development was launched no one had even the slightest idea that India is going to become the undisputed head in services related to web designing and web development services. Despite the fact that India has got one of the worst figures of per head computer usage in India ...


Web Promotion Services

Web Promotion

For the last few years, anyone who has thought of getting their business promoted and support their online business in India, they have definitely thought of web promotion India. And rightly so because web promotion India has become the biggest and the most efficient medium in the past few years. The biggest reason behind it that in web ...



Web Hosting

We all know that just making a website and throwing it online is not sufficient every time. Keeping it alive online and updated all the time is very crucial to run your business and draw traffic your website and clients towards your business. For this there is a procedure called website maintenancewhich enables you to stay on the topmost ...


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